ADHD Assessment (Child/Adolescent/Adult):


An assessment  will be carried out as a full single appointment (90 minutes). 

(Fees include: Reading any relevant background reports,correction and results of any requested questionnaires,  a complete report  within 3 weeks of the appointment and a letter to your GP ). 

If another appointment is needed to continue the assessment, the fees are the same as for the follow-ups.

Follow-up appointments:   

(A letter to your GP and one prescription included*) 

First medication appointment: £640
60 minutes: £640
45 minutes:£480
30 minutes : £320

*This does not incllude the price of the medication paid directly to the pharmacy

Repeat prescriptions, outside appointment times*

£47 ( postage included )

Controlled Drug prescriptions*:  

£67 (postage included )

*Please allow at least 7working days for prescription requests (this time frame does not include the time taken by the post office to deliver the mail)

Completion of Insurance forms/ NHS Form/Share-cared agreement/ Referral letters/ Letter for school :

£640/hour pro rata

Call (outside appointment time):


Appointment or call with GP, clinical psychologist, therapist :

£640/hour pro rata